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Friday Wall Aug 8, 2023



  1. Cloudflare’s Q2 2023 earnings report showed a 32% YoY revenue increase to $308 million, leading to an 8% jump in stock price.
  2. Cloudflare reported positive adjusted operating income and free cash flow in Q2 2023.
  3. Cloudflare raised its full-year 2023 outlook and exceeded estimates in its second-quarter results.
  4. Despite earlier sales force execution issues, Cloudflare has made good progress in addressing them.
  5. Solid demand across Cloudflare’s security portfolio contributed to its positive performance amid work-from-home trends and cyberattacks.


  1. Guggenheim analyst downgraded Cloudflare’s future outlook, citing concerns about meeting new ARR expectations.
  2. Cybersecurity spending worries and macroeconomic conditions may impact Cloudflare’s performance.
  3. The potential loftiness of 2024 performance estimates could affect investor sentiment for Cloudflare.
  4. Sales force execution issues could continue to pose challenges for Cloudflare’s growth strategy.
  5. Market competition and changing customer preferences in the cybersecurity sector may impact Cloudflare’s market share.


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